Abéñula eyelashes treatment for men

Relax Abéñula is a treatment cream that gives you younger and healthy glance, giving firmness and elasticity to the skin around your eyes.

  • Get rid of eye fatigue and other discomforts caused by long hours working in front of the screen, staying in a closed establishment, or practising sports as swimming.
  • Corrects and avoids the eye irritation caused by allergies, sleepless, use of eye lens, etc.
  • Keeps the skin around your eyes bright and fresh.
  • Its natural formula lubricates the whole globe of the eye and helps tear duct to work, preventing blockages.
  • Revitalises and tones your skin, boosting the relief of all areas around your eyes.

How to use Relax Abéñula?

  • Once you have have wash your hands, unscrew the tube lid.
  • Push gently on the bottom of the tube, and get a bit of the Abéñula cream using the small bar inside the box, or using your finger.
  • Apply over the eyelid and all area around the eye.
  • Spread the cream with your fingers making circles on your eyelid and eyelashes with a soft massage.
  • What if it gets into my eyes? No problem! Remember that our formula with natural components keeps the eye globe moisture and helps the tear duct work, preventing blockages.
Relax Abéñula 4,5 gr

4,65 VAT included

How does Relax Abéñula work?

Relax Abéñula treatment for eyelashes contributes to keep the skin around your eyes firm and elastic with its formula based on oils and nutrients.

It is a solution for your sensitive eyes that calms and relieve the irritation immediately, even after the first use. It is recommended for the relief of eye irritation and to keep moisture the surface of the eye. Refreshes and hydratates. Revitalizes and tones your skin, boosting the relief of all areas around your eyes.

It hydrates and revitalizes.

Keep your sky hydrated with our Facial Sunscreen and revitalize the glance of your eyes with Relax Abéñula.

Prevent the eyelashes
from falling

Thanks to its formula Abéñula treatment for eyelashes prevents your eyelashes from falling, making them stronger, so they can grow long and dense.

Paraben free

All products are made with the same caring love since the first batch, and they are paraben free.