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Abéñula black eyeshadow cream is a colorful makeup for your eyes based on Abéñula eyelashes treatment cream, so it preserves all its benefits for your eyes and eyelashes. This color of eyeshadow cream is available in two different sizes, 2 gr and 4,5 gr. You can find this product in other colors, all the range of the iris colors is available (sky-blue, grey, brown, blue and green) in order to give your eye glance a natural bright. Give your eyes color, get a shiny and attractive glance, and take care of your eyelashes at the same time with Black Abéñula eyeshadow Cream.

Abéñula black eyeshadow



Abéñula black eyeshadow, as well as the other colors (sky-blue, grey, brown, blue and green) are manufacture based on our Abéñula eyelashes treatment cream, our most appreciated product. Abéñula design all its colors based on the six different colors of our iris, in order to give you eye glance a natural bright.

You can use Abéñula black eyeshadow 4,5 gr on all areas of your eyes depending on the results you want.

  • Give color to your eyelids. Apply it after a makeup powder base to obtain the best results.
  • You can also use it on your eyelashes, applying the product on your usual mascara brush.
  • With the small bar inside the box, you can mark the waterline of your eye with color, getting a deeper look.

All Abéñula creams provide an excellent lubricating effect, thanks to its base from mineral oils. It will make your eyes sparkling, making your eyelashes grow stronger and avoiding them from falling.

Using Abéñula products regularly will improve the growth of new eyelashes, making them strong and curvy as well as avoiding them from falling. In addition, this cream will help with your eye health, making your cornea clearer, keeping your eyes hydrated and avoiding irritation. Make your eyes shine more than ever.

Results and safety are guaranteed thanks to excellent product properties and components. Our product is unique in Spain, there is no other with the same virtues as Abéñula.


Open the box, and unscrew the tube lid. Push gently on the bottom of the tube, and get a bit of the Abéñula cream using the small bar inside the box. Aplicar sobre los párpados, dando a sus ojos el tono de maquillaje elegido. In order to get healthy eyelashes, we recommend you also apply a small amount of Abéñula cream on your eyelashes mascara brush. If you need more details on how to use our products you can check a few examples here.

We manufacture our products since 1931, as carefully as always and with the same love as the begining. All our products have being profesionally tested by dermatologist and ophthalmologists in order to ensure the health of your eyes.

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