Relax Abéñula 4,5g

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Relax Abéñula is a product that gives firmness and elasticity to the skin around your eyes. When applied, it refreshes and moistures the eye, improving the resting of all area skin. It is recommended for those people that spend long hours in front of a screen, work on establishments with low lighting, drive long distances or swimmers. Its natural formula, paraben free, moistures the eye and helps the tear duct work, preventing blockages.

Relax Abéñula takes care of your eyelashes befor going to bed.



Relax Abéñula helps to give firmness and elasticity to the skin around your eyes, refreshes and moistens, revitalises and tones your skin, boosting the relief of all areas around your eyes. It will preserve the brightness and freshness of the skin around your eyes.

Get rid of the eye fatigue thanks to Relax Abéñula. Forget about the eye discomfort caused by long hours working in front of the screen, staying inside closed establishments (nightclubs, classrooms, cinemas), driving long distances, swimming and scuba diving, reading for a long time, etc.

Using Relax Abéñula regularly will help you get rid of eye fatigue. Clears up and prevents eye irritation. Its natural formula lubricates the whole globe of the eye and helps tear duct to work, preventing blockages.


Open the box, and unscrew the tube lid. Push gently on the bottom of the tube, and get a bit of the Abéñula cream using the small bar inside the box. Apply over your lid,

Spread the cream with your fingers making circles on your eyelid and eyelashes with a soft massage, with your eyes closed, but at the same time, letting a bit of the product gets into your eyes.

If you need more details on how to use our products you can check a few examples here.

The eye fatigue feeling, visual fatigue, can be easily removed with Relax Abéñula. It is so effective that we recommend using it once you have finish your day activity, before going to bed, because of its relaxing effects on the eyelids.

As a guaranty of use, we assure the results and the value of its excellent properties have been proved by professionals. Nowadays there is no similar product in Spain, not with better qualities than Relax Abéñula.

Recommended for computer users and contact lens users.

We manufacture our products since 1931, as carefully as always and with the same love as the begining. All our products have being profesionally tested by dermatologist and ophthalmologists in order to ensure the health of your eyes.

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