White abeñula Eyelash make-up remover

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White Abéñula is a cream treatment that enhances the beauty of your eyelashes in a natural and safe way.

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It can be used in your night routine or as a make-up remover. Achieve long, thick and full lashes. The constant use of Abéñula stimulates the growth of eyelashes, giving them more length, curvature and preventing them from falling; it accentuates the transparency of the cornea, favors tear secretion, corrects eye irritation and enhances your eyes. It can be used during the day, although its effects are longer lasting if applied during sleeping hours.

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Apply the size of a grain of rice on the eyelid line with a gentle circular massage in the direction of the lash line. The product can enter the eye, is harmless, and will help eye hydration. If you want to use it as a make-up remover, after performing the massage and having mixed the make-up of your eyes and eyelashes with the cream, remove it gently with a moistened cotton pad. Swipe the cotton pad over your eyes with circular movements and in the direction of the eyelashes to clean the remaining mascara without damaging them Remember to remove it, not rub it.


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