Abéñula Eyelashes Treatment

Avoid your eyelashes from falling, making them grow stronger and giving your eyes brightness and hydration.

Abéñula Eyelashes Treatment

Avoid your eyelashes from falling giving them strength and making your eyes your eyes brightness and hydration.


Abéñula benefits

  • It gets rid of eye fatigue and removes eye irritation.
  • It highlights your facial expressions and gives the eyes an extraordinary brightness.
  • It helps your eyelashes to grow.
  • It moisturizes the eye and helps the tear duct work, preventing blockages.
  • It emphasizes the cornea’s clearness.
  • Abéñula Eyelashes Treatment is an excellent makeup remover

All Abéñula products have being certified with the Good Practices of manufacturing of Cosmetics Products Certificate You can order Abéñula in two different sizes (2 gr and 4,5 gr) in any pharmacy in Spain or worldwide in our online shop.


Clean your hands before using it. Spread a small amount of the product, similar to a lentil bean size, on your finger and apply it on your eyelashes.

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Beauty and health

Abéñula eyelashes treatment cream take care, protects and revitalize your eyes. In our blog you will find more tricks and tips to make out the most of our products.


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