Are your eyes swolleSwollen eyes is a frequent symptom from people who suffer from fluid retention disease or some other disorder in their bodies. But it is true that, in many occasions, eyes get swollen for many other reasons that are not so alarming and those are the reasons we are about to explain. It is not recommended touching your eyes frequently, sotreat them carefully and avoid any problem with your eyes health. Using our product Relax Abéñula will relieve the swelling, and it will give you a freshness sensation. You can use a gauze o some soft wet wipes to help you when you are applying our products on your eyes, though we advise to use your hands directly, as long as they are clean and dry.

If you have swollen eyes use Relax Abéñula - ABÉÑULA NICOLICH

What if we tell you that food is one of the main factors for your eyes health? Maybe you have never stopped to think about this but, when someone suffers an allergic reaction by food poisoning, eyelids get swollen the same way they do with allergies, and sometimes you can’t even open your eyes. That is swollen eyes. That example help us realize that how we eat it is clearly related with all this we are talking. Following a complete diet, balanced and healthy, eating all the nutrients and vitamins that food give us, will prevent our body from getting infections or weird body reactions. But do not worry, all of this has a solution. In the beginning, this does not have to be a big issue.

Keeping yourself well hydrated during day can also prevent this symptom, as well as it keeps your body clean and healthy, helping it get rid of unwanted substances. Remember, all professionals always recommend having a bottle of water by your side, and drink around two or three liters every day. Do you drink all that water? If you do not do it already, we strongly recommend you to get a light bottle to carry around along the day and having it always close. That way, you will get used to drink water frecuently, and you will reach the amount of water you need.

Usually, the swelling comes along with eye irritation, eyes will get a reddish color along with a fatigue feelling everybody around you will see. Usual natural remedies, such as putting a slice of cucumber over your eyes or cold bags of chamomile tea (already steamed) will help you to get the swelling down, and you will refresh your eyes. You have certainly seen many times that when someone gets hit, they apply ice on the wound, for example when a kid hits his forehead after falling. Clearly, the cold help us fight the swelling, that is why the cucumber is used (it is cold) to ease swollen eyes.

Abéñula products are specially design not only to take care of your eyes, but also to prevent any irritation and give your eyes relief against any swelling. Check out our products and choose the one that mach your needs better.

Nevertheless, if you suffer from this symptom very often, it is recommended to visit your doctor, since there might be some other body disorder causing the eye swelling. Though it might be nothing, it is always the right thing getting ourselves check by a professional.

Pay special attention to your body, and to your eyes. Your look will appreciate it.

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