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Our story

Nicolich since 1931

Nicolich labs were created on 1932; two years later, Doctor Miguel Mérida Nicolich, ophthalmologist, register the brand “Abéñula”, synonym of eyelash in Spanish, and register the formula at the Health Authorities at that time, named as “Abéñula Ophthalmological blue cream”.

Since then, that family business, nowadays a limited society, have produced several formulas, but is specially dedicate to that first product, “Abéñula”. It became famous around the world and got users and professionals to trust Nicolich SL, which achieved a high prestige making us really proud.

We are proud to say we are still in the market after eighty years, which guaranty our good work as manufacturers, always at service for our clients. And we will always appreciate and recognize the work of our ancestor.

About Doctor Miguel Mérida Nicolich, we have its original mail safe on our archives, some of them are letters written by the poet Salvador Rueda. In those letters, the poet thanks him for his work as an ophthalmologist and as a person, praising the way he treated his patients, and the good that his treatment did.

Doctor Miguel Mérida Nicolich

Doctor Nicolich - Abéñula

These verses belong to Nicolich SL private archive. In order to respect the art of poetry, we will present them in its original language, as they were written. After writing his thesis about an eye illness, trachoma, and having a great bibliography of researches, the doctor went blind on an unfortunate accident. He married Doctor Vera Blackstone, and from that day, he began to assess deficiencies in his senses, and created the School for Blind and Deaf people in Málaga. The mayor of the city at that time, Sr. Gálvez, praises his important work… His words can be readen on Doctor Miguel obituary: “Forever, life took the distinguished teacher, the most skilled executor of the most difficult subject…”

Un reflejo de este sentir…

”Pero tú, gran lapidario
Diamantista de lo ciego
Cuyas manos son el iris
Y son de luces sus dedos
Tú a unos ojos extinguidos
Sin vida ni movimiento
Les dices con voz divina
Venida de otro hemisferio:
Revivid que hay nuevas rosas
Surgid, que ha claveles nuevos…”

Letter from Salvador Rueda to Miguel Mérida

Letter from Salvador Rueda 06-03-1923

My illustrious, Mérida:

Since my cousin is going to visit you again to thank you for your work, I will take advantage of this chance to tell you I opened one of those magic tubes you gave me and I have been using it for four or five days […]

Letter from Salvador Rueda 19-02-1922

My illustrious, Mérida:

When I got back to my small town, where I am forced to return due to my sick breathing and my nerves, I heard with great joy that my first cousin, Jacinto Saldaña Santos, is healing his eyes thanks your science and kindness. […]

May 22nd 1922, Salvador Rueda

Sr. Doctor Miguel de Mérida:

My dear Mérida: I heard from my cousin Jacinto, that also you had some eye illness, and you got better. It was hard for me to believe that you could suffer from the same illness you treat, specially when you are so gifted. I believe you are immune. […]